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Things to think about

2D vs 3D

The 2D design is interpreted through mosaic format at any size and shape. The larger the design the more accurate it becomes as well as the more detail I can provide. This format is used for display pieces that can be used to portray an image.


3D design, the shaping and crafting of whatever object/objects are being portrayed. The most minuscule details are taken into consideration and fine-tuned to give the most accurate representation being designed.

Studs out vs studs-up Mosaic design

Studs out designs are used by having base plates of a particular length and height to recreate the image/photo being portrayed. It decreases the number of pieces required for building but in doing so sacrifices the attention to detail. (Recommended to be used for projects of 1.5 meters and larger as the larger the size the more attentive the detail)


Studs up designs are used by placing bricks/plates on top of one another providing a very clean aesthetic with much greater detail. In doing so though the pieces required becomes a larger amount which increases the price but also the detail.

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