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My goal with any event, whether it be for motivational speaking, team-building exercises, or special guest appearances always consists of 2 things. Finding the best way to captivate my audience and always ensuring that the message, reason, or purpose of your event is met and expressed. 

There is no limit to the number of people you wish for me to host for an event, nor are there any boundaries or ideas that are too wild for me to consider. Your input on the event is very important to me and I will help in any way I can. 

Events can be held anywhere for anyone, there is no set price until I understand what you want from me and what you want you and your clientelle to receive from the experience.


Notable Experiences

The largest event I’ve hosted was over 800 people in which I did a motivational speech for their school explaining my journey of where I was to who I became. It taught me how to handle a larger audience along with giving me the challenge of ensuring they were invested. I know this is crucial which is why I provide spectacle, I ask questions, show videos and do anything else I can to know they’re walking away having learnt something and been inspired.


Other events include large corporate connections in particular the likes of SAP, who requested I fly around Australia designing large-scale models of famous landmarks, for their shows. Landmarks in cities consisting of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra, showcased not only my ability to build but also my ability to entertain and inspire the minds of those attending these events.

It's events like these that have inspired me to give my absolute best to every project and event, to push past my limits, and to provide you with the best experience I can.

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