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 “I just know one day you’re going to do something with LEGO for a living Anthony” 

1 dream, 100 LEGO sets and a tv show later AJCaptivations has become a reality. When I was younger, playing with LEGO bricks was my favourite thing on earth, any birthday people asked, “what should we get you?” my answer was always LEGO sets. I had no idea though these small plastic bricks would eventually allow me to follow my dream of building, designing, and crafting with LEGO bricks for a living. Now all I want to do is use this opportunity and gift I’ve been given to help entertain, inspire and captivate as many people as I can.

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I am a freelance artist who uses LEGO bricks to design bespoke mosaics and 3D art-forms. I am renowned for my attention to detail as my goal with any project is to make it look as accurate as I possibly can.

You may also be here due to my reputation for speeches and large-scale events in which I provide entertainment and motivate my audience in whatever way I can to ensure they enjoy themselves and learn along the way.


What can I do for you?

I create specialised lego art pieces for you!

2D or 3D?

My design for your project can be interpreted in 2 ways, 2D and 3D.


A 2D format requires any project to be designed in the form of a mosaic. These mosaics can be created in any size, however the bigger the canvas, the higher the quality and accuracy becomes. This format of buildings' main strength is its display ability. With my work I ensure that your project will become a captivating piece of unique art for your house hold.


A 3D format presents me with more freedom when constructing as I’m able to create any size, shape, angle or curve required to meet the criteria of an object. This design format works better with singular objects as they maintain the focus although can also be used to create larger scale set pieces and designs, whichever would best represent what you’re looking for.

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